How You Can Work With Concord®

The decision to implement Advanced Work Packaging will bring transformational change to your organization. We can help.

The decision to adopt Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a big one. Over time, the move to construction-driven capital project execution will influence every system, department and person in your organization. Change management is complex. You’ll encounter many challenges along the way, and it can take time to see results. An experienced guide can help.

We’ve designed multiple service packages that will accelerate your success, the Concord® way. When it comes to AWP implementation, you need a plan tailored to your unique organization and an execution strategy designed to deliver sustainable results. Our comprehensive, purpose-fit packages will help get your AWP implementation project on a solid path.

There are three ways you can work with us. Start today!

1 | Leverage our free online training materials

At its heart, Concord® is an education company. Our primary goal is to teach forward-thinking capital project professionals how to work smarter to deliver their projects on-time and on-budget. To this end, we’ve worked diligently for more than four years to develop an extensive library of free online educational materials for capital project professionals.

Start with Concord® Fundamentals, a comprehensive 12-part series that will introduce you to the basics of construction-driven project execution using the Advanced Work Packaging methodology. Then move on to AWP Implementation Layers, a high-level overview of Concord®’s proprietary approach to bringing AWP into organizations of all sizes. We’ve got an entire page dedicated to Predictability Thinking™, and our Velocity® blog contains over 130 actionable, information-packed articles that will help your organization understand, adopt and succeed with AWP. Want more? Subscribe to Velocity® and get a free weekly email with our most recent articles!

2 | Get Trained, Get Certified

The first step toward AWP implementation is training. You and your team need to understand how construction-driven projects work and how AWP will impact your people, departments and day-to-day operations. Concord® Academy is the world’s first self-directed, online training program for capital project professionals. It provides a path to certification for ambitious professionals who want to understand and lead in AWP implementation.

Our introductory Advanced Work Packaging 101 course is a foundational two-hour course for anyone who needs to understand Advanced Work Packaging — take this if you’re beginning your AWP journey. When you’re ready to learn more, the Advanced Work Packaging track begins with Advanced Work Packaging Fundamentals Certification and continues with the AWP Champion Certification. Our stand-alone Workface Planning Certification is for those who are or wish to become Workface Planners on a construction-driven capital project.

We recommend that leaders select five to 10 people inside their organizations who will most benefit from completing the AWP Fundamentals and Champion Certification programs. Once these courses are complete, Concord® will organize a Configuration Workshop to discuss how AWP will apply in your organization.

3 | Hire Us

Concord®’s consulting services are for companies embarking on an AWP implementation project. Our lump-sum packages bring you from the earliest phases — thinking, understanding, preparing — all the way to successful implementation and real-world execution. From the AWP Readiness Assessment™ and AWP Blueprint™  to the AWP Start Up Package™, we’re here for you.

Our exclusive Enterprise Predictability Package™ (EPP) is a proprietary selection of purpose-built tools and services designed to help large capital project organizations deliver multiple projects on time and on budget. The Project Predictability Package™ (PPP) is a premiere suite of services and tools designed to help leaders deliver a single capital project predictably, on time and on budget. We can also create a custom consulting package, and we even provide confidential executive coaching to leaders who want to make an impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Concord® can help you learn about and implement Advanced Work Packaging, contact us. We’ll connect you with our team of professionals who can assist in identifying the best opportunities for you and your organization.

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