Concord® is ISO 9001 Certified

Updated March 2023

We are pleased to announce that Concord®‘s ISO 9001 certification has been renewed for 2023, a confirmation of our ongoing commitment to high quality Advanced Work Packaging training and education.

In January 2022, Concord® became the world’s first and only ISO 9001 certified provider of AWP conformance certification, training, and consulting

Today marks a significant turning point in the evolution of Concord®®: I am proud to share that we are now ISO 9001 certified in Advanced Work Packaging training, consulting and certification. When I co-founded this company just five short years ago, I wanted Concord® to become synonymous with on-time, on-budget capital project delivery. The ISO 9001 certification gets us one step closer to that goal — it is a recognition of who we are as a company.

Over the past five years, my team and I have successfully challenged long-standing assumptions about how to most effectively deliver capital projects. We have published more than 150 articles, I have delivered dozens of speeches and webinars all over the world, and we have brought to market a host of powerful, practical tools to help companies succeed. These include a suite of industry-leading consulting packages, the world’s first self-paced, online training program for capital project professionals, and an AWP conformance certification program trusted by some of the world’s largest capital project organizations. 


Our ISO 9001 Certification is outward proof of our long-standing internal commitment to quality and excellence.

As the company has grown, I have worked very hard to instill in our teams a deep and abiding commitment to quality and customer service. As an organization, we are devoted to educating and empowering capital project professionals, sharing knowledge, and refining best practices. 

Today we announce that Concord® is ISO 9001 certified, which means we have received an independent, international certification that affirms our commitment to quality and customer service. This is thrilling, of course, but it is only outward proof of our long-standing internal commitment to quality and excellence in Advanced Work Packaging consulting, training and certification.

What Does Concord®‘s ISO 9001 Certification Cover?

I’m proud to say that the ISO 9001 certification applies to our Advanced Work Packaging conformance certification, consulting programs, and to our professional development training for those working in the engineering, procurement and construction industries. In the sections that follow, I’ll walk through each of these offerings in more detail. 

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AWP Conformance Certification

Today’s announcement means that Concord®’s Advanced Work Packaging Certification Program is the world’s first and only ISO 9001 certified program of its kind, giving our program a global quality guarantee. 

Through this program, capital project professionals can earn the Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional ® designation, as well as the Certified Workface Planner™ and Certified AWP Champion™ designations. We believe that capital project professionals do unique, skilled, valuable work, and our certification program acknowledges existing skills, standardizes training, and lays the groundwork for continued evolution in this critically important field. 

We launched our pioneering online certification program in August 2020, and today we are pleased to announce that it is ISO 9001 certified. Empower your people by giving them access to a trusted certification program delivered by the unrivaled leaders in the field. 

Professional Development Training

Our ISO 9001 certification extends to our professional development training courses for people who work in the engineering, procurement and construction industries. Concord® Academy offers self-paced, on-demand access to world-class training in Advanced Work Packaging basics, including AWP fundamentals, workface planning and the AWP champion role. The Academy is open to both individuals looking to improve their skill set and to companies looking for a turnkey solution to Advanced Work Packaging training for their organizations. 

Training is essential to AWP implementation success, and these programs often serve as a foundational component of our work with clients, regardless of whether they plan to seek certification. Get trusted, world-class training from industry leaders, at your fingertips. 

Management of Programs Providing Consulting

The decision to implement Advanced Work Packaging can bring transformational change to your organization, and Concord® consulting programs are designed to support your organization every step of the way. From our pre-implementation AWP Readiness Assessment and AWP Blueprint to our Project Predictability Package and Enterprise Predictability Package, we have trusted solutions to the challenges that capital project organizations encounter at each stage of the AWP implementation journey. We also offer confidential executive coaching for forward-thinking leaders who want to make better decisions and take on new challenges with complete confidence.

The ISO 9001 certification places Concord® consulting in a league of its own. Unlike major consulting firms, Concord® does not treat capital project efficiency as a side hustle. Unlike many of our competitors, we own the intellectual property rights to our products and we share them with you, guaranteeing a risk-free AWP implementation. In short, we have the strongest offer in the market. Choose the best. 

In the end, quality is a choice. In an industry bridled by outdated ideas and plagued by copy-paste presentations, Concord® offers innovative, bold and cohesive strategies for improved capital project efficiency and predictability. Every day, we make a conscious choice to deliver the very highest quality programs to our clients, whether through training, consulting or certification. 

When you choose Concord®, you choose quality. Our ISO 9001 certification proves it. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our ISO 9001 certified training, consulting and certification programs, contact us today!

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