AWP Implementation Layers: A Roadmap for Advanced Work Packaging Success

The AWP Implementation Layers series is designed to help organizations succeed in their efforts to adopt Advanced Work Packaging.

In keeping with our mission to empower capital project professionals, we’re pleased to present the complete AWP Implementation Layers series below. This series walks you step-by-step through Concord®‘s proprietary Implementation Layers, which provide a proven, reliable roadmap to successful AWP implementation. Our goal with this series is to provide structure, guidance and solutions to common problems that we see in the implementation of AWP at capital construction organizations. 

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Advanced Work Packaging Implementation Layers

This powerful process can help your organization succeed with Advanced Work Packaging, writes Olfa Hamdi.

Layer 1: Adopt Construction-Driven Definition and Planning

Start your AWP implementation process by focusing on creating construction-driven processes for the planning phases.

Layer 2: Embrace Construction-Driven Engineering

How to embrace a modern engineering process that supports the needs of construction, from start to finish.

Layer 3: Adopt Workface Planning

Improve your field planning to maximize on-tool time and reap all the benefits of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP).

Layer 4: Integrated Project Team

To succeed at AWP implementation, get the right people in the right roles, with clear accountabilities and comprehensive training. 

Layer 5: Integrated Information Management

The team with the best information wins: How to collect, organize and leverage data to support predictable project delivery. 

Layer 6: Transformation Management 

Transformation Management, also known as change management, ensures that new organizational initiatives succeed.

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