AWP 101: Advanced Work Packaging Training Online

Woman doing advanced work packaging training online.

A foundational two-hour course for anyone who needs to understand Advanced Work Packaging — no experience required

Is advanced work packaging training online necessary? We’ve implemented Advanced Work Packaging on dozens of projects with a portfolio totalling over $6 billion, and here’s one of the most important things we’ve learned: It’s not enough to train your project managers. It’s not enough to train your construction managers, your engineering and procurement leads, and your workface planners. Everyone on your project needs to understand AWP if you’re going to succeed. Yes, everyone.

Your schedulers, estimators, cost controllers, document managers, assistants, consultants and collaborators — all of them need to understand the fundamentals. From front-end definition to hand-off, everyone who touches the project needs to know the basics. They don’t need to be certified, but they do need to understand how a construction-driven, Advanced Work Packaging project works. That’s why we created Advanced Work Packaging 101 — the first course of its kind, delivered by experts you can trust.

Everyone on your project needs to understand AWP if you want to succeed.

Our short, easy-to-understand AWP 101 course is designed to introduce Advanced Work Packaging basics to anyone who works on modern capital projects. The course is appropriate for people with all levels of education, and any area of expertise. 

When we talk about this in small groups and webinars, skeptics ask: Why does everyone in my organization need to understand AWP? The answer is simpler than you might expect: Because the decision to adopt Advanced Work Packaging marks a significant paradigm shift in the life of your capital project organization, and it’s important for everyone to understand how that impacts their work. Consider that, on a construction-driven project:

  • Project leaders need to identify, train and hire people for new roles that are absolutely critical to the success of your AWP implementation efforts; 

These are just a few of the groups in a capital project organization that are directly impacted by the transition to Advanced Work Packaging. In our experience, leaders who take the time to educate their teams about the benefits of construction-driven projects are far more likely to succeed in their AWP implementation efforts. As any change management professional will tell you, it’s absolutely essential that everyone understand why the changes are being made, and how those changes will impact their work. 

Concord®’s AWP 101 course offers a simple, affordable, scalable solution. This two-hour, advanced work packaging training online course is accessible anywhere with an internet connection and can be completed in as little as two hours. It covers all the basics, including:

  • Why companies adopt Advanced Work Packaging
  • Stage-gate system
  • Path of Construction
  • Engineering Work Package
  • Workface Planning
  • Misconceptions
  • Implementation Basics


Employees and new hires can take the course anytime, at their own pace. It’s an elegant, simple solution to a pressing problem for capital project leaders: How do I help my organization transition more effectively to Advanced Work Packaging? How do I fully leverage the benefits of this powerful methodology to gain a true competitive advantage?

We are thrilled to formally launch the AWP 101 course today. It is my sincere hope that it supports you and your organization in moving forward with your transition to Advanced Work Packaging, even in these challenging times. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Concord®.

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