Concord® Capital Project Technology

Tools and services to power your evolution

Concord® is a market innovator in capital project technology and offers a set of tools and services to support key performance-related aspects of your digital transformation.

Our team can assist you in marshalling data, managing knowledge and executing a wholesale digital transformation. We offer our own purpose-built technology tools, but provide unbiased recommendations for other technologies, too.

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Concord®’s flagship collaboration and accountability platform

T-CON™ is a shared online workspace built exclusively for use by capital project teams. Designed to mirror existing capital project ecosystems, T-CON™ gives Owners and EPC companies the power to support robust, transparent and disciplined collaboration throughout the entire project lifecycle. T-CON™ is a secure, scalable and cloud-based platform, which means it grows with your company and requires no servers or technical maintenance on your end.

T-CON™ is purpose-built to support integrated, construction-driven planning through Advanced Work Packaging, along with your chosen governance and assurance systems. It enables your organization to:

  • Leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence to support project predictability
  • Benefit from exciting innovations in Big Data
  • Adopt a modern, progressive Knowledge Architecture


Concord®’s real-time field productivity and safety monitoring system

TRT™ is a real-time field productivity and safety monitoring system that gives your company the unprecedented ability to collect field productivity and safety data in real time, in both close and remote construction sites.

Big Data Design & Implementation Services

Concord®’s data services are designed to assist modern capital project companies in organizing and leveraging vast amounts of in-house data, known as “big data”. Your company can mine big data to improve decision-making, streamline methodologies and support predictable project delivery. Common applications include:

  • Enterprise Search
  • Automated Task Management
  • Data Management

Digital transformation begins with well-managed data. Contact us to find out how your organization can benefit from better data management.

Knowledge Management Services

Concord®’s knowledge management services helps capital project organizations develop a Knowledge Architecture (KA) that reliably transforms raw data into actionable knowledge. Our team assists in the creation of a strategy that will underpin decisions about how your teams create, identify, store, analyze and visualize data, including the systems and processes they use to find information. This often includes:

  • Standardizing knowledge and information exchange between stakeholders, including lessons learned
  • Information integration across management and content applications
  • Collaborative knowledge management for supporting distributed operations and teams

Our iCS™ approach is the industry’s first Project Knowledge Architecture for non-engineering information modeling covering project descriptive, definition, execution, planning and reporting standards. It includes:

  • A methodology and baseline for semantic information modeling for capital projects
  • The definition of formalized terms mapping transactions in capital project organizations
  • A complete ontology for organizing institutional knowledge and expertise

Digital Project Management Office

Digital transformation is possible with the help of Concord®’s Digital Project Management Office (DPMO) services. The Concord® team will help your organization navigate a comprehensive digital transformation the right way, based on the fundamental principle of interoperability. We can assist with:

  • Digital assessment and technology evaluation
  • Development of a digital-first strategy
  • New technology selection
  • Creation of a digital ecosystem for Advanced Work Packaging
  • Development of a supporting Knowledge Architecture
  • Digital project management implementation

Digital transformation is key to keeping costs under control, delivering projects on time and creating a healthier capital project economy. Ready to get started?