Concord® Certification

The Concord® Academy offers the world’s first self-paced, online, purpose-built certification program for capital project professionals. Rooted in the principles of Advanced Work Packaging, our certification program is designed to empower individual practitioners and capital project organizations with high-quality, accessible education and training.

Concord® Certification

This ISO 9001-certified training program provides a comprehensive foundation in Advanced Work Packaging. Used by leading universities and the world’s biggest capital project organizations, the AWP Fundamentals course is the first step for professionals looking to master AWP. Graduates become a Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional®.

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Building on AWP Fundamentals, the AWP Champion Certification course prepares students to lead AWP implementation in their organization. Learn Concord®‘s proprietary, step-by-step process for implementing AWP in a capital project organization, along with actionable knowledge and a suite of practical tools to ensure success. AWP Fundamentals is a prerequisite for this course.

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The AWP Workface Planner designation is a stand-alone certification program designed for professionals who are or wish to become Workface Planners on a construction-driven capital project. Students learn the terminology, key practices and application of Workface Planning and, upon completion, obtain the Workface Planning Certification.

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Our foundational training is a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to build team capacity in established and emerging areas of capital project management.

These training sessions take one to three days and cover the fundamentals of the stated topic areas.

While most of the foundational content is standardized, each session includes a short, custom segment that aims to assist your team in implementing the new tools and tactics in their unique circumstances.


Rigorous, comprehensive training.

Developed by global leaders in Advanced Work Packaging, Concord’s Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional® designation meets rigorous ISO9001 standards. Concord Certification shows employers and clients that you’ve mastered the fundamentals.


International recognition.

Concord Academy was the world’s first self-paced, online training program for capital project professionals, and remains the leading certification in the field. Our graduates work in more than a dozen countries around the world.


Professional Community.

Concord Academy graduates get free access to monthly coaching sessions with global AWP consultant and Concord® CEO Olfa Hamdi, as well as quarterly webinars with leading AWP thinkers and practitioners from around the world and access to an exclusive online community where you can connect with peers and build your professional network.


Learn anywhere, anytime.

Concord Academy training is self-paced and delivered entirely online, so you can complete your training anywhere with an internet connection, on your own schedule.


Digital Badge.

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The Concord Academy training and certification program offers a comprehensive, structured education focused entirely on the concepts, systems and tools that matter most for capital project professionals. From the high-level principles of Advanced Work Packaging to the nitty-gritty details involved in compiling effective Installation Work Packages, you’ll get the practical, real-world training you need to deliver your next project on-time and on-budget.

purpose built training

Get Certified — To become a Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional®, a Certified Workface Planner™, or a Certified AWP Champion™ you must complete the requisite courses and pass all associated tests. The certificate is valid for one year and gives you access to all the benefits of certification, including access to our exclusive webinars and online community.

Maintain Your Certification — Our goal is to ensure that Concord® Certified professionals maintain and expand their knowledge about AWP implementation. Recertification requirements vary across programs,  but generally include continuing education along with participation in Concord®‘s monthly webinars and online community. See the FAQ for details.

The Concord Academy’s recertification requirements changed in July 2023. Effective immediately, existing certificants who wish to recertify must meet the criteria outlined below and submit the annual fee.

The requirements vary according to program, however the process for all recertification requests is the same. At the end of each on-demand Concord Academy webinar you will receive a certificate of completion. Please collect these and submit them through our Re-Certification Form, along with a list of live webinars you attended and any other relevant material (i.e. supervisor letter).

We will review and cross-reference your submission with our internal records, and inform you via email when your recertification request is approved. Then we will send you a link which will allow you to pay your $349 Re-Certification Fee and take the exam to confirm your recertification.

See below for recertification requirements.

Recertification requirements for each program are outlined below. 

Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional®

  • Six (6) Professional Development Units (PDUs) representing six hours of Concord Academy online learning content. Of these six hours, at least two hours must consists of participation in live monthly coaching webinars. 
  • Successful completion of the AWP Fundamentals exam.

Certified Workface Planner™

  • Three (3) Professional Development Units (PDUs), representing three hours of Concord Academy online learning content. Of these three hours, at least one must consist of participation in a live monthly coaching webinar.
  • Successful completion of the Workface Planner exam.

AWP Champion™

  • Six (6) Professional Development Units (PDUs), representing 6 hours of Concord Academy online learning content. Of these 6 hours, at least four consist of participation in a live monthly coaching webinar.
  • Show evidence that they participated in or supported an AWP project during the past two years. Implementation evidence can include a letter from a supervisor, a screen shot of your org chart showing your name and job description, or any other evidence approved by Concord®
  • In the absence of implementation evidence, Champions must re-take the certification.

The Concord Community is a new and exclusive online community for Advanced Work Packaging practitioners.

Open only to Concord students and graduates, the community offers unrivalled learning opportunities, world-class coaching, and a one-of-a-kind online space where you can connect with other AWP professionals from around the world.

Hosted on our Concord Academy platform, the community offers unlimited access to exclusive webinars hosted by global experts on topics that matter to AWP professionals. You’ll also get free access to monthly Coaching Calls with Concord CEO Olfa Hamdi, a leading expert in AWP implementation who has worked as a consultant for the biggest names in the capital construction industry.

Take the first step in your journey to certification right now! Book an appointment and we can answer your questions, talk about which course is right for you, and get you on the road to success.