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Jam-packed with definitions, diagrams and expert commentary, this free 15-page guide gives you everything you need to get a handle on AWP.

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Written by leading AWP practitioners Olfa Hamdi and Glen Staggs, you can trust that you’re getting reliable, practical, real-world knowledge.

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Concord®‘s original graphics help you visualize how people, documents and processes work together to support on-time, on-budget delivery. 

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In just 15 pages, our experts lay out Advanced Work Packaging fundamentals in easy-to-understand language that makes AWP accessible to anyone.

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Original graphics that help you see how and why Advanced Work Packaging improves capital project outcomes.

Explanatory Charts

Understand concepts and workflows at-a-glance with Concord®‘s unique, information-packed charts.

Key Diagrams

Gain an appreciation for the steps involved in construction-driven execution with illuminating diagrams.

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