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Upgrade Your Project Delivery System

Revitalize Your PDS in just 6 weeks with a Concord® PDS Maturity Assessment and Best Practice Selection Protocol

Find Out Where You Stand

The journey to predictable project delivery begins with a clear-eyed, unflinching assessment of your current PDS. The Maturity Assessment is it.

Leverage Intellectual Capital

Our proprietary employee survey helps you leverage institutional knowledge to surface hidden challenges and opportunities for growth.

Supercharge Your PDS

Concord experts will help you select the best practices that will deliver measurable results for your unique organization.

We are global experts in AWP and Predictability Thinking®

The Concord® team can help you chart a predictable course for your company’s future, starting with a Project Delivery Maturity Assessment.™

Project Delivery Maturity Assessment
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Project Delivery Maturity Assessment

Maturity Scorecard

Our proprietary Maturity Analysis Campaign generates a scorecard that shows you where your PDS stands on seven key dimensions.
Project Delivery Maturity Assessment

Executive Training

Your Project Delivery Maturity Assessment team receives our comprehensive, industry-leading Predictability Thinking Executive Training at no additional cost.

Project Delivery Maturity Assessment

Insights Workshop

We sit down with your team to walk through our analysis and validate our recommendations before delivering the implementation report.

Project Delivery Maturity Assessment

Upgrade Your Project Delivery System

Empower your people, leverage their knowledge of best practices and gain absolute clarity as you chart a course for the future of your organization. Take the first step today with a Project Delivery Maturity Assessment!

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