A Short Guide to Concord®‘s AWP and Workface Training and Certification Programs

Invest in yourself and your company with world-class Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning from Concord® Academy.

It can be difficult to know which training or certification program is the best fit for your unique needs. Concord® offers a suite of educational options for those who are working in construction-driven capital project organizations. From basic Advanced Work Packaging training to high-level implementation and workface planning, we have a course to meet your needs.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the training and certification options available through the Concord® Academy and walk you through some examples of who would benefit most from these programs.

Advanced Work Packaging 101

AWP 101 is a foundational two-hour course for anyone who needs to understand Advanced Work Packaging. It is designed for schedulers, estimators, cost controllers, document managers, assistants, consultants, collaborators and anyone who needs to understand the fundamentals of AWP. There is no experience required to take this course, and no certification offered.

Workface Planning Certification

This stand-alone certification program is designed for those who are or wish to become Workface Planners on a construction-driven capital project. Students learn the terminology, key practices and application of Workface Planning and, upon completion, they obtain the Workface Planning Certification.

Advanced Work Packaging Track

The first step in this track is Advanced Work Packaging Fundamentals Certification. This groundbreaking program is a self-paced, online training program that provides capital project professionals with a comprehensive understanding of AWP fundamentals. Course graduates are empowered with the knowledge, skills and tactics they need to work, collaborate and lead effectively in a construction-driven capital project environment.

Once the AWP Certification is obtained, students are eligible to pursue the AWP Champion Certification, a next-level program designed for those who are or want to become the AWP Champion in their organization. The AWP Champion is a leader dedicated entirely to supporting Advanced Work Packaging implementation in a capital project organization. They need a deep, technical understanding of AWP systems and processes, and must be intimately familiar with AWP roles and responsibilities.

Who Can Benefit from Concord® Training?

There’s no such thing as a “typical” Concord® Academy student — our global learning platform is available to people working on all types of capital projects all over the world! That said, it can be helpful to see some examples of the wide variety of capital project professionals who benefit from Concord® training and certification. Here are a few:

Ahmed is a Continuous Improvement Manager at a global capital project organization. He is leading the transformation to construction-driven project management and his primary objective is to support his organization in implementing Advanced Work Packaging. Ahmed pursued and obtained both his AWP Fundamentals Certification and his AWP Champion Certification.

Samir is the Lead Mechanical Engineer on a large construction project. His company practices construction-driven project delivery and he is charged with organizing his team to deliver engineering work packages that support Advanced Work Packaging. Samir positioned himself for success by completing his AWP Fundamentals Certification.

Karen is a Project Manager and her client has mandated the use of Advanced Work Packaging on a new project. She needs to understand how AWP works throughout the project lifecycle, from early definition, through detailed engineering, commissioning, procurement, construction and beyond.  Karen obtained her AWP Fundamentals Certification and is now pursuing her AWP Champion Certification.

Patrick is a Construction Manager on a small construction-driven capital project. He completed the Workface Planning Certification program so that he can fully understand the information he receives in his work packages, and leverage it to effectively manage his field.

Jennifer is a Contracting Specialist who works on multiple construction-driven capital projects. She doesn’t need to understand how to implement Advanced Work Packaging, but she does need know what it is and how it works. By taking the two-hour AWP 101 course, Jennifer is able to design contracting strategies that support her organization’s efforts in implement Advanced Work Packaging at all levels.


If you’re interested in learning more about Concord® Academy training and certification options, contact our sales team for a one-on-one conversation about which program is right for you!

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