Owner AWP Implementation Case Study: Developing A Three-Year View

The first step in developing an Advanced Work Packaging model for a downstream petrochemical company — or any capital project



An owner petrochemical company with multiple sites across three continents was preparing to increase capital spending at each site in an effort to satisfy commercial objectives while enhancing safety and increasing predictability. All of the planned investments were projects with a strong revamp component, but they varied significantly in size and served different business purposes, ranging from environmental regulatory compliance to capacity increase and improved efficiency at an under-performing site. 

The project management team had recently completed Concord®’s Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Predictability Thinking™ courses, and they wanted to upgrade their project delivery system to ensure predictable delivery of these projects across all three sites. They needed a trusted guide to implementing AWP in their unique project environment, with a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from $5 million to over $150 million.



Phase 1

Concord® used its Predictability Thinking™ framework to conduct foundational workshops with leaders as well as senior and middle managers. These workshops had three objectives. First, we wanted to build on the existing AWP and Predictability Thinking™ training with instruction in change management to increase awareness inside the company and secure leadership buy-in. We took a deep dive into change management theory, and provided the team with practical tools and tactics that we know will work for capital project organizations.

A maturity assessment is so critical to success that we never work with organizations who haven’t done one. 

Second, we needed data. We collected information about the organization’s unique requirements, and the various AWP implementation scenarios we would encounter in the field. We curated existing corporate documentation so our team could study the project delivery systems and organizational structures already in place. A proprietary Concord® survey was sent to a large group of  members inside the company, and we conducted in-person interviews with a small subset of that group, focusing on discrete groups like procurement, construction and contractors. 

This multi-source data collection painted a comprehensive and reliable picture of the organization, and helped our team develop a clear, accurate understanding of the company’s maturity in terms of AWP and its ability to deliver predictable projects.  A maturity assessment is so critical to success that we never work with organizations who haven’t done one. 

Phase 2

In collaboration with company leaders, the Concord® team translated the maturity assessment into a three-year implementation strategy. Each AWP implementation strategy is unique. In this case, one key component was the development and distribution of a bespoke Advanced Work Packaging manual. Designed for both employees and contractors, it communicated clear guidelines and expectations to support the long-term success of the program.

Phase 3

The final component of this particular implementation was the designation of a pilot project. Once again, this process is entirely unique to each organization. In this case, we identified a pilot project in the organization’s core business area and one that engaged all of the critical business systems that would be affected by the adoption of Advanced Work Packaging and Predictability Thinking™. Our team designed a bespoke support package for pilot teams so they would have all of the tools and resources they need to achieve success.



The outcome of this effort was a fact-based, comprehensive implementation plan structured to support the unique needs of this global organization over a three-year period. Like all of our work at Concord®, our deliverables were designed to empower leaders, teams and individual employees. In addition to leadership training, our team compiled a bespoke support package for pilot teams so they would have all of the tools and resources they need to achieve success. Our functional, capacity-building engagements empower your people with practical knowledge, skills and tools that drive meaningful improvements in safety and project predictability. 

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