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The Concord® Academy™ offers a suite of best-in-class training options for leaders who want to empower their people with cutting-edge, outcome-focused instruction. Our foundational and custom training packages cover all of the most critical areas in modern capital project management and execution, including Advanced Work Packaging, digital project delivery, and Predictability Thinking™. We guarantee that your team will come away with the tools and information they need to execute on your next capital project. Concord® delivers trainings on-site or in our offices. We also offer online training and e-learning programs on a case-by-case basis.

Our foundational training is a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to build team capacity in established and emerging areas of capital project management.

These training sessions take one to three days and cover the fundamentals of the stated topic areas.

While most of the foundational content is standardized, each session includes a short, custom segment that aims to assist your team in implementing the new tools and tactics in their unique circumstances.

Our Foundational Training Courses

  • Preparing for Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)
  • AWP For Project Implementation
  • AWP For Enterprise Implementation
  • AWP For Site-based Implementation
  • Predictability + AWP: Executive Training
  • The Art of Integration and Interface Management
  • Scope Management Best Practices for New Technology Projects
  • Delivering Complex Projects
  • Managing Engineering Value Centers
  • Linking Project Practices with Project Outcomes

Our custom training options are for leaders who are ready to invest in a bespoke curriculum designed to address the unique challenges and objectives of a mature capital project organization.

Custom trainings are developed after an extensive consultation during which we seek to understand your organization’s singular needs. We then design a one-of-a-kind curriculum to upgrade organizational capabilities by providing instruction, as well as real-time guidance and feedback during early implementation. Each custom training includes an innovation workshop, and the curriculum is delivered to you in its entirety to be repurposed throughout your organization as you see fit.

Custom trainings last between two weeks and one year, depending on the organization’s unique needs.

Here are some examples of custom trainings we’ve developed for Concord® clients.

The Next Generation

A curriculum designed to upgrade the management and leadership capabilities of junior project and engineering managers at a Gulf Coast petrochemical site.

Becoming An Effective Advanced Work Packaging Champion

A short, highly customized one-week training program to develop a group of AWP Champions for a large Owner organization.

Building A Culture Of Performance

A six-month training program for middle managers in an EPC company, providing a comprehensive survey of best practices in predictable project delivery.
More Concord® Training

Executive Coaching

Are you an individual executive looking for one-on-one coaching?

Public Training Events

Are you a capital projects professional looking for cutting-edge training outside a corporate environment?