Introducing the Concord® AWP Blueprint™

A powerful tool to help capital project organizations eliminate improvement initiative overwhelm once and for all

If you’re a capital project executive, I’m willing to bet that you’re intimately familiar with improvement initiative overwhelm. Employees, consultants and experts come to you day in and day out with surefire solutions to your capital project delivery challenges. Most of these are presented as straightforward, failsafe, have-to-dos.

As a leader, how do you decide which improvement initiatives to adopt, and which ones to pass on? Which one of your improvement programs is most important? How do you prioritize? Looking back, which improvement initiatives have had the most impact on your organization? Looking forward, which one do you anticipate will drive the most measurable improvement? If you don’t have the answers to these questions, you need the Concord® AWP Blueprint.™


What is the Concord® AWP Blueprint™?

The Concord® AWP Blueprint™ is a powerful, practical business tool that integrates all of your project improvement initiatives with your Advanced Work Packaging implementation. The result is a clear, actionable roadmap that supports efficient use of resources while delivering measurable progress toward your core business objectives.

We created the AWP Blueprint to address improvement initiative overwhelm. We know that Advanced Work Packaging is the most effective way to improve capital project efficiency, but we also know that AWP implementation does not happen in vacuum, and that the success of your AWP implementation will be directly impacted by the other projects and programs underway in your organization.

The Concord® AWP Blueprint™ is a powerful, practical business tool that integrates all of your project improvement initiatives with your AWP implementation.

We believe the roadmap to improving project performance is unique to every single organization. The blueprint organizes all of your improvement initiatives, aligns them with your AWP implementation, and connects it with the business objectives of the organization. It is the world’s first and only tool that has been purpose-built to connect capital project best practices in a way that drives capital project performance.

How We Build Your Concord® AWP Blueprint™

The tool is powerful, but the process of applying it is straightforward. We’ll send you a list of documentation we need to review, and a list of people we would like to interview — typically members of the executive and project delivery teams. We then review the records and conduct one-on-one interviews with your key executives to get the lay of the land in your organization.

Next, we conduct collaborative, iterative workshops with your executive, operational and subject matter experts. Together, we’ll walk through our proprietary mapping process, distilling the best practices and improvement initiatives that are underway in your organization, aligning them with AWP, and building out your blueprint.

Blueprint in hand, we then work with your team to identify the key components and establish objectives for each of the items on the map (i.e. budget and goals). We consolidate all of this work in a single AWP Blueprint™ and deliver that to you as a playbook that can guide your next steps. Once you have the play book, as an executive, you simply monitor the road to improved project delivery.

Are you a capital project executive suffering from improvement initiative overwhelm? Concord® can help. Contact us today!

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