Predictable Capital Projects

Empower your people with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver on-time and on-budget

Concord’s Project Predictability Package™ provides wrap-around support on a single project to deliver safe, on-time and on-budget construction. It’s a proven, four-part work packaging model that empowers the entire team.

Keep reading to discover how Concord can help you achieve disciplined collaboration, solid project definition and best-in-class execution. 

Tailored training designed to empower your people. From Predictability Thinking™ and Advanced Work Packaging to digital project delivery and project management, our in-person and virtual programs lay the foundation for change.

Leadership-focused coaching sessions with a project predictability expert, designed to help you identify risks, make better decisions and succeed as a capital project leader. Over a 12-month engagement, you will learn and apply key frameworks required to lead a modern capital project organization and achieve meaningful, measurable results.

A knowledgeable, trustworthy guide to modern technologies and digital transformation for predictable capital project delivery. Achieve disciplined, predictable collaboration with our purpose-built T-CON™ platform, and explore other options for document management, productivity measurement, planning and more.

Mission-driven consulting focused on predictable project and program delivery. We start with a comprehensive gap analysis, help define your predictability strategy, and then support your organization in mastering Advanced Work Packaging, change management, digital transformation and beyond.

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