Project Predictability Package™

Empower your team to deliver on-time and on-budget.

Predictable project delivery is more valuable today than ever before. Concord®’s Project Predictability Package™ (PPP) is a premier suite of services and tools designed to help leaders deliver a single capital project predictably, on-time and on-budget. 


Project Predictability Package

A Concord® Project Predictability Package™ includes a combination of supports tailored to the unique needs of an individual capital project team. Your project will benefit from a PPP if you see any of the following signs:

  • Early business assumptions fail to align with actual project costs and duration
  • Front-end definition is insufficient, making delay and cost overruns inevitable
  • Roles, accountabilities and workflow are unclear, resulting in undisciplined collaboration, misunderstanding and conflict 
  • Projects are consistently late and over-budget, and you don’t know why


Project Predictability Package

Concord®’s Project Predictability Package™ is anchored in Predictability Thinking™ and leverages the proven principles of Advanced Work Packaging and change management theory, among others. The PPP™ applies a unique, comprehensive, and proven methodology for ensuring unrivaled project predictability.

Every Project Predictability Package™ begins with a standardized approach which is then tailored to the unique needs of each individual capital project team that we work with. A typical PPP includes:

  • Training and coaching on key project delivery and operational systems
  • Facilitation of planning sessions, engineering, procurement and construction alignment sessions
  • Proactive, real-time assurance and advisory to the project leadership
  • Data-driven benchmarking and analysis of key performance indicators
  • Creating visibility and establishing real-time course-correction systems
  • Improvements to standard front-end definition practices
  • Application of Advanced Work Packaging principles
  • Collaboration Assurance: Building communication systems and workflows that work

How long is a Project Predictability Package?

A Concord® PPP covers the definition and engineering design phases of the project, and the first three months of construction.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies based on the project, but all PPPs are time-limited, lump-sum packages with a predefined scope of work. 

Project Predictability Package

Our goal is to empower your project team to deliver on-time and on-budget.