Master Advanced Work Packaging in 2023

Make this the year you invest in yourself and your career by learning Advanced Work Packaging and Predictability Thinking®

In just over a decade, Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) has emerged as an industry best practice, credited with increasing productivity by as much as 25% and reducing total installed cost by up to 10%. Now used on construction projects ranging from resource extraction to space exploration, this innovative approach to construction planning and execution is now widely viewed as the key to on-time, on-budget project delivery. AWP is the future.

Concord®® has been at the forefront of this movement since its inception, building a comprehensive array of training, services and tools designed to support capital project professionals in their efforts to adopt a construction-driven mindset and employ AWP in their organizations. 

If your new year’s resolution is to master Advanced Work Packaging, we can help. In this article, we’ve curated our essential writing on AWP so you can learn at your own pace. Starting with the fundamentals, we’ll walk you through the essential concepts, implementation basics and execution, along with some leadership insights and an introduction to Predictability Thinking®. At the end, we’ve provided a list of links to help you take the next steps, through training or consulting with Concord®®.


Learn the Basics

Concord® Fundamentals: AWP For Everyone

Start your journey with The Concord® Fundamentals, a 12-part series designed to empower capital project professionals by making the Advanced Work Packaging process easy to understand. You’ll learn why AWP is a good choice for capital projects, and what it means to have a “construction-driven mindset.” You’ll learn who does what on a construction-driven capital project, and you’ll get a crash course in the most common work packages required on an AWP project. Finally, we’ve shared a free AWP Fundamentals Webinar led by Concord® CEO Olfa Hamdi. Read »

A Short Guide To Capital Project AWP Technologies

Discover how advanced technologies are shaping the future of capital project construction and Advanced Work Packaging. Read »

What is an AWP Champion?

An expanded look at the role of the AWP Champion, a leader dedicated entirely to supporting the transition to Advanced Work Packaging. Read »

The Role of the Project Manager on an AWP Project

The Project Manager role is not exclusive to construction-driven projects, but PMs working on AWP projects play a unique role. Here are five simple steps that project managers can take to get their AWP projects off to a strong start. Read »

Introduction to AWP Implementation

Is Your Company Ready for Advanced Work Packaging?

When you decide to implement Advanced Work Packaging in your capital project organization, the first step is to conduct a readiness assessment. The goal of this assessment is to survey your existing organization to see whether you have the people and systems in place to support a successful pilot project. Read »

How to Speed Up Your AWP Implementation Process

If your company is getting ready to adopt AWP, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Get a customized, purpose-fit project delivery system in place in three months. Read »

What’s Next? A Guide to Every Stage of Your AWP Implementation Journey

Your next best step depends on where you’ve been, and where you’re headed. Here are some guideposts along the way. Read »

AWP Implementation Layers: A Roadmap for Advanced Work Packaging Success

This advanced seven-part series walks you step-by-step through Concord®’s proprietary Implementation Layers, which provide a proven, reliable roadmap to successful AWP implementation. Read »


Project Execution

What To Do When You Get Your First AWP Mandate

Your client just told you they’re mandating Advanced Work Packaging on your next project. What should you do? Read »

Don’t Worry, Scalability Is Built Right In To Advanced Work Packaging

AWP is a principle-driven approach to capital construction and it can work for all projects, regardless of cost or complexity. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Read »

Piloting Advanced Work Packaging: 7 Lessons Learned

Are you piloting Advanced Work Packaging for the first time? Here are 7 lessons we’ve learned that can help. Read »

Your Advanced Work Packaging Cheat Sheet

To celebrate the release of Concord® CEO Olfa Hamdi’s first book, Advanced Work Packaging, we shared a linked, online excerpt that includes all of the key definitions, acronyms and project stages outlined in the book, complete with hot links to relevant explanatory Velocity® articles we’ve published over the past four years. Bookmark this page for quick reference when you’re working on your next construction-driven capital project. Read »

The New AWP Maturity Curve

It’s time to update our AWP maturity model to better reflect the messy reality of Advanced Work Packaging Implementation. Read »

10 Years Later: What We Know About Construction-Driven Capital Projects

We’ve been using Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning for a decade now. What have we got to show for it? Read »


Capital Project Transformation is a Human Resources Problem, Too

Discover how established construction career paths are undermining your efforts to adopt Advanced Work Packaging and Predictability Thinking™. Read »

How To Overcome Resistance To Change

There are good reasons why your organization is resistant to change. Once you understand those reasons, you can change how your organization introduces, executes and assesses change. Read »

Proactive Executive Leadership for Capital Projects

What every executive needs to know to lead a capital project successfully, from start to finish. Read »

Executive Training In Capital Project Delivery Models: Is it necessary?

Now, more than ever, capital project leaders need a comprehensive understanding of capital project delivery models, and they need to master Predictability Thinking to succeed. Read »

Why Certification Matters

Capital project professionals do unique, skilled, valuable work. Certification is long overdue, writes Olfa Hamdi. Read »

Pitfalls, Myths and Roadblocks to AWP Implementation

5 Roadblocks To Transformational Change In Capital Projects

Olfa Hamdi explores five key roadblocks to transformational change in capital projects, with the hope that, together, we can begin to dismantle them. Read »

4 Advanced Work Packaging Myths Debunked

Learn to recognize the toxic myths that will undermine your efforts to adopt and benefit from Advanced Work Packaging. Read »

The 12 Most Damaging Myths In Advanced Work Packaging

Whether you come to AWP proactively or because it’s required in a contract or bid document, chances are you’ll have to wade through a stew of toxic rumors and wild myths. This article cuts through it. Read »

4 Ways To Fail At Advanced Work Packaging

We read a lot these days about how to succeed at AWP, but it can be very helpful to understand what a failed approach looks like, too. If you’re making any of these mistakes, hit pause and get the basics in place before proceeding! Read »

The 5 Biggest Pitfalls on the Road to AWP Success

Forget the big landmines like staffing and training — the hazards most likely to trip you up now are the surprising, subtle, and seductive ones. Read »

Predictability Thinking®

The Fundamentals of Predictability Thinking®

When working on an AWP project, you’ll often hear leaders and practitioners talking about Predictability Thinking®, a mental model for how on-time, on-budget capital projects work. In this advanced seven-part series, you’ll learn what Predictability Thinking® is, why we need it, and how to apply it. Read »

Predictability Thinking® Framework Training

How your capital project execution team can benefit from comprehensive training in Predictability Thinking™ implementation. Read »

Next Steps with Concord®

How You Can Work With Concord®

The decision to implement Advanced Work Packaging will bring transformational change to your organization. We can help. Read »

A Short Guide to Concord®’s AWP and Workface Training and Certification Programs

It can be difficult to know which training or certification program is the best fit for your unique needs. Concord® offers a suite of educational options for those who are working in construction-driven capital project organizations. From basic Advanced Work Packaging training to high-level implementation and workface planning, we have a course to meet your needs. Read »

Concord® Brings the Balanced Scorecard to Capital Project Organizations

Discover how this preeminent strategic framework can help leaders lay the groundwork for predictable project delivery. Read »

Three Tips for Adapting Concord®’s Turnkey AWP Procedures Manual

We’re making our standard Advanced Work Packaging Procedures Manual available to all! Get three tips for making it your own. Read »

Introducing the Concord® AWP Blueprint™

Discover a powerful business tool designed to help capital project organizations integrate and leverage all of their improvement initiatives. Read »

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