Hire Concord® to Conduct Your Advanced Work Packaging Audit

Advanced Work Packaging Audit

Introducing a new auditing service for organizations looking to evaluate AWP policies, procedures and implementation success

An Advanced Work Packaging Audit is a comprehensive, third-party review of AWP protocols and practices for companies that have already implemented AWP and are looking to evaluate its effectiveness.

A quality audit evaluates all facets of the AWP implementation program — from policies and technology to contracts and human resources — measuring them against the industry standard and against the company’s own internal standards as well. The goal: to identify and close systemic gaps, reduce project delivery risks, document lessons learned, and set out a strategy to take the AWP implementation to the next level.

There are many use cases for an Advanced Work Packaging Audit. Consider the Owner who has mandated AWP and wants to confirm that implementation has been done correctly; a company that has adopted AWP but has concerns about team adherence to policy across their global sites; or a team that has implemented AWP but is experiencing challenges and is looking for clear root cause analysis. In all of these cases, an independent, third-party Advanced Work Packaging Audit based on a proprietary proven protocol can provide insight, support, and assurance.

Why offer Advanced Work Packaging Audits?

Simply put: Our clients asked for it. Concord® programs and services have directly impacted more than $25B in global projects, and we have clients who have completed a maturity assessment and blueprint, adopted our turnkey AWP Procedures Manual, trained and certified their teams, completed one of our predictability packages, and read the book on AWP. After investing this much in AWP implementation, they want to understand whether that investment is paying off. Sometimes they simply want a health check, in other cases, they need an enforcement mechanism to hold companies and teams to account. An Advanced Work Packaging Audit can do all this, and more.


We have also received inquiries for AWP audits from companies that embarked on the journey a few years ago and are looking for an explanation on the root causes for their current progress.

Introducing the Concord® Advanced Work Packaging Audit

I’m pleased to announce that Concord® has developed and implemented a standard auditing tool that we now use to provide third-party assurance services to organizations looking to evaluate both company-wide and project-based AWP implementations. Here’s what you can expect from this premium offering:

Phase 1: Assess your organization’s adherence to internal standards

You wrote your AWP policies and procedures, rolled them out, and asked your employees to follow them. Using our proprietary framework, we’ll assess the effectiveness of your implementation and tell you whether your employees, contractors and stakeholders are adhering to your AWP mandate. This first phase of the audit will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your internal AWP policies and procedures.

Phase 2: Benchmark your organization against industry standards

Advanced Work Packaging is now recognized as a standard best practice by industry-leading organizations like CII and COAA. In addition to understanding how your implementation is measuring up to your internal standard, it is helpful to understand how your implementation compares to the industry standard. For this, we use the foundations laid out in Advanced Work Packaging: A Guide to Life Cycle Implementation, widely regarded as the bible for AWP implementation. 

In addition to understanding how you stack up against your industry peers, this process doubles as a third-party audit of your project delivery system, complete with qualitative risk assessment and project performance evaluation. If your protocols and procedures aren’t working as you intended them to, the second phase of the Advanced Work Packaging Audit will provide insight into why that might be the case and what recommendations to consider. 

Phase 3: Presentation of findings and recommendations

We curate the surveys, interviews, documentations and findings from our site visit (if required), prepare a report, and then present that report to your team. A Collaborative AWP Audit Results Discussion Workshop is designed to help your team understand the recommendations and answer questions about how to implement them to improve your overall results.


The Concord® Advanced Work Packaging Audit is the final step in our wrap-around AWP implementation service, which is designed to empower and support you as you adopt AWP into your organization. As always, our goal is not to do the work for you, but to give you the knowledge, tools and resources you need to implement AWP yourself, so that your team can own the process and outcomes. 

If you’ve implemented AWP — with or without our support — and you’re looking for a reliable way to evaluate your efforts, the Concord® team is here to help. Contact us today!

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