cultivating capital project leaders
Capital Project Management

Cultivating Capital Project Leaders

Capital project management training has fallen through the cracks. The path to leadership remains woefully unclear, and that should worry us all. For if we’re not entirely clear on what it takes to become a capable capital project manager, is it really any wonder that most major capital projects are unpredictable, late and over budget?

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Ready For Advanced Work Packaging
Advanced Work Packaging Best Practices

Are You Ready For Advanced Work Packaging?

The foundation for a successful transition to Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is laid long before the creation of a single work package, before the org chart is redrawn and new software is installed, even before the introductory training session. The first stake is driven into the ground when a forward-thinking executive asks this critical question: “Are we ready for Advanced Work Packaging?”

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Workface Planning Fundamentals
Advanced Work Packaging Construction

Workface Planning Fundamentals for Capital Projects

In construction capital projects, Workface Planning is the organization of field execution around the creation of fully resourced packages of work that can be executed by a single construction crew in a discrete period of time, typically five to 10 day or around 1,000 hours. These blocks of work are called Installation Work Packages (IWPs), and here’s an introductory guide to how and when to implement them.

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Engineering Work Package Fundamentals
Advanced Work Packaging

Engineering Work Package Fundamentals for Capital Projects

An Engineering Work Package (EWP) is a diverse set of engineering deliverables that are assembled to support a specified scope of construction work. They typically form the basis of Construction and Installation Work Packages, and so they’re a foundational component of the Advanced Work Packaging process. Here’s how to do it right.

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4 Steps to Building A Path of Construction
Advanced Work Packaging Construction

4 Steps To Building A Path Of Construction (POC)

Having a Path of Construction (PoC) is like having a GPS in your car: You know your critical path, but the PoC will show you precisely how you’ll get there. Discover the four simple steps to creating a powerful PoC that will help you deliver your project on-time and on-budget. »

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Path of construction fundamentals
Advanced Work Packaging Construction

Concord Fundamentals: The Path Of Construction

A Path of Construction is a document that explains how you are going to build your capital project in the field, and how engineering and procurement deliverables will support that effort in a timely fashion.

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