What to Expect from a Project Predictability Package

How capital project organizations can leverage the Project Predictability Package™ (PPP) to foster on-time, on-budget delivery

First things first: What is a Project Predictability Package (PPP)?

A Project Predictability Package (PPP) is a suite of services and tools that help you implement Advanced Work Packaging to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. Concord®® works with you to identify your needs, and then delivers custom supports tailored to the unique requirements of your capital project organization. These supports range from project leadership coaching, interactive planning facilitation, business cases and contracting to risk mitigation strategies, FEL reviews, contractors onboarding, work package reviews, assurance support and comprehensive change management training. It is a one-stop shop for capital project predictability.

Empower Your Team and Build Capacity

We are a knowledge company first and foremost. We are educators, and we work exclusively with capital project leaders who want to empower their people and build their organizational capacity. If you want to partner with a company that will educate and empower your team to deliver on-time and on-budget, Concord® is the market leader and your best choice. If you are looking for a subcontractor to execute work on your behalf, we’re not your people.

Why do we focus on education and empowerment? Because we know that a superficial approach to AWP implementation will not work. It’s not enough to adopt a new workflow; companies that succeed with AWP must fundamentally change the way they think about project execution. The organization as a whole must shift from an engineering-driven paradigm to a construction-driven approach to project delivery. Teams need to understand not only how AWP is done, but also why it is done. They need to buy in. This requires training, change management, and a host of other tools to do well.

If it sounds complex, that’s because it is. That’s why you need educators and experts with the implementation know-how on your team.

Core Components of a Project Predictability Package

The Project Predictability Package is anchored in Predictability Thinking™ and leverages the proven principles of Advanced Work Packaging and change management theory. We also incorporate lean management thinking, with data-driven benchmarking and analysis and evaluation of the project environment to identify areas of waste. There are 5 AWP Support Package Categories:

Business Case

Performance target setting, analyzing benchmarks, documenting implementation journey.


Transferring AWP knowledge to project team members, coaching, onboarding.


Coaching vis à vis contractual implications, reviewing proposals, facilitating alignment of contractual requirements.


Training and implementation support in AWP work processes, reviewing impact of AWP on existing work processes, auditing work processes to overcome process bottlenecks, supporting information management aspects of AWP.


Reviewing all of the AWP-related deliverables, from the Path of Construction to release plans and project definition and execution documentation.

In short, the PPP applies a unique, comprehensive, and proven methodology for ensuring unrivaled project predictability.

What To Expect from a Concord® PPP

Your Concord® consultant will help you and your employees learn how to apply a construction-driven approach to capital project development, which is the best way we know to execute on-time and on-budget. We’ll train your team in the mechanics of Advanced Work Packaging, and buttress that understanding with solid project execution theory so each person on your team can apply informed, flexible thinking when new challenges arise.

On a practical level, we will help you build and document a construction-driven workflow using the principles of Advanced Work Packaging, and we’ll help you avoid the pitfalls through your first implementation. We can provide change management and facilitation services where necessary, gauge productivity, and address emergent issues as they arise.

Your Concord® consultant is like an AWP and predictability coach, bringing extensive experience and expertise to your company and supporting your team in their efforts to execute on-time and on-budget.

We’re Predictable, Too

It’s also important to note that the Project Predictability Package is, itself, entirely predictable. We look at your project, conduct an assessment, and we tell you what it’s going to take to come in on-time and on budget. We provide a predictable, lump-sum estimate for training, coaching, assurance, and reviews. You will know the complete cost of your Project Predictability Package up-front, no surprises. We don’t just teach predictability, we practice it ourselves.

If you’re a capital project leader looking to empower your team and build organizational capacity, Concord® can help. Contact us today!

*Project Predictability Package™ is a trademark of Concord® Project Technologies.

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