Three Questions to Ask Your Capital Project Consultant

Discover the most important things to consider when hiring a consultant, and learn how Concord® is different from the competition

The decision to implement Advanced Work Packaging will have a significant impact on every aspect of your business. Like most capital project organizations, you’ll likely find yourself looking to outside experts for guidance and support: people who have been there, done it, and lived to tell about it. What should you look for in a consulting company? What are the must-haves, the red-flags, the things that matter most?

In this article, I’ll walk you through the top three questions I think every company should ask a prospective capital project consultant. Some of these are probably already on your list, like reviewing their track record and asking for references. Others are so uncommon you’ve probably never even considered them — but you should. Let’s dive in. 

Question 1: Do you own the rights to the intellectual property you’re bringing into our company?

Concord® is in the knowledge business, and we take that responsibility seriously. We own our intellectual property (IP), and when we provide you with knowledge — procedures, manuals or processes — we contractually transfer our intellectual property rights to you. This is important, because if you do not hold the rights to the information you’re using to run your business as developed by the consultant, you may contaminate your intellectual property and find your company facing lawsuits, or worse. 

Companies that master Advanced Work Packaging have a significant competitive advantage in today’s market, and competition for models and strategies that deliver results is fierce. If a consultant shares IP owned by a competitor, and you apply that knowledge to millions or billions worth of projects, you may find your competitor on your doorstep with a lawsuit claiming you’ve stolen their IP. According to the American Intellectual Property Lawyers Association, high-value intellectual property trials can cost up to $4 million. 

Capital project consultants who share information they don’t own put your business at risk.  Always ask if your consultant owns the intellectual property rights to the information they’re sharing with you. If they don’t, or if they can’t answer, take steps to protect yourself from intellectual property contamination — or call Concord®.

Concord® is the first and only company in the world that is ISO 9001 certified in Advanced Work Packaging training, consulting and certification.

Question 2: Why should I trust your quality and customer service?

Advanced Work Packaging is still relatively new to the capital projects sector, and a growing number of consulting firms offer training around this powerful new tool. How can you trust that the firm you hire will deliver high-quality consulting and customer service?

Concord® is the first and only company in the world that is ISO 9001 certified in Advanced Work Packaging training, consulting and certification. This means Concord® has received an independent, international certification that affirms our commitment to quality and customer service. The ISO 9001 certification applies to our Advanced Work Packaging conformance certification, consulting programs, and to our professional development training for those working in the engineering, procurement and construction industries. Click here to learn more about what ISO 9001 certification means for Concord®, and for our clients. 

Question 3: What’s your track record?

Your consulting firm should be a trustworthy source of information with a solid track record of success in capital projects. Look for a respected, established company that has worked with a broad cross-section of the capital projects industry and has past clients willing to vouch for them. 

Concord® is a trusted partner of leading international firms including Shell, Rio Tinto and Esso. We have a proven track record of adding value to Owner organizations working on a vast array of projects ranging from refineries and fracking operations to data centers and chemical plants. We are the market leader in AWP and Predictability Thinking consulting services, and we practice what we preach — we do not sell open-ended hourly or daily rates, but defined packages of work so you know what you’re getting and how much you’ll pay, before you even begin. 

Here at Concord®, we are thought leaders on a mission to transform capital project construction and empower capital project professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver predictably, on-time and on-budget. We can help you go from zero to AWP in as little as three months. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact us today.

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