The Concord® Academy offers the world’s first self-paced, online, purpose-built certification program for capital project professionals. Rooted in the principles of Advanced Work Packaging, our certification program is designed to empower individual practitioners and capital project organizations with high-quality, accessible education and training.

Concord® Certification

Our foundational training is a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to build team capacity in established and emerging areas of capital project management.

These training sessions take one to three days and cover the fundamentals of the stated topic areas.

While most of the foundational content is standardized, each session includes a short, custom segment that aims to assist your team in implementing the new tools and tactics in their unique circumstances.


Master The Fundamentals.

Concord® Certification provides an unrivalled foundation in Advanced Work Packaging, Workface Planning and Predictability Thinking™, so you can tackle new capital project challenges with total confidence.


Learn Anywhere, Anytime.

Concord® Academy training is self-paced and delivered entirely online, so you can complete your training anywhere with an internet connection, on your own schedule.


Stay Competitive.

In an increasingly competitive job environment, Concord® Certification shows current and prospective employers that you’ve mastered the fundamentals and you’re serious about building your career in capital projects.


Keep Current.

Concord® Academy training is developed by and for capital project professionals, and we’re committed to continuously updating our curriculum to reflect emerging best practices and thought leadership.


Build Your Network.

Concord® Academy training offers the opportunity to connect with ambitious capital project professionals from around the world, both during and after your training.
The Concord® Academy Training and Certification Program offers a comprehensive, structured education focused entirely on the concepts, systems and tools that matter most for capital project professionals. From the high-level principles of Advanced Work Packaging to the nitty-gritty details involved in compiling effective Installation Work Packages, you’ll get the practical, real-world training you need to deliver your next project on-time and on-budget.
purpose built training
To become a Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional™, a Certified Workface Planner™, or a Certified AWP Champion™ you must complete the requisite courses and pass all associated tests. The certificate is valid for two years and can be showcased on your LinkedIn profile, company website or email signature.
The Concord® Certification Program is a community-driven initiative, and in order to maintain your certification you must give back to our industry community by sharing your experiences as a practitioner. You can earn credit by responding to Concord® practitioner surveys, presenting at conferences, mentoring teammates or any other activity that contributes to improving capacity in the capital project sector.
Certification Badges
Take the first step in your journey to certification right now! Book an appointment and we can answer your questions, talk about which course is right for you, and get you on the road to success.