The Top 3 Benefits of Certification

Discover why hundreds of AWP professionals have chosen to pursue the Concord® Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional® designation

Capital project professionals do unique, skilled, valuable work, and Concord®’s Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional® designation reflects and validates their hard-won expertise.

Our ISO 9001-certified program offers purpose-built education that supports professionals in mastering the ideas and tools they need to deliver capital projects on-time and on-budget — education that meets the real, practical needs of capital project organizations. It acknowledges existing skills, standardizes training, and lays the groundwork for continued evolution in this critically important field.

Here are some of the most important benefits of Concord® certification.

Proof of Knowledge

The Concord® Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional® credential increases your credibility and validates your knowledge for current and prospective employers. AWP is relatively new to the capital projects sector, and many people claim to understand how to implement construction-driven projects. A Concord® certification distinguishes you from uncredentialed competitors and gives you a head start in this emerging area of capital project growth.


A Concord® certification is an investment in continuous, world-class professional development! When you graduate from Concord® Academy, you join a global community of pioneering Advanced Work Packaging professionals committed to growth and success. Change can be lonely and hard; learning from peers and sharing best practices is key. Our graduates get exclusive access to monthly group calls where they can connect with other AWP professionals, ask questions, and benefit from live online coaching with Concord® CEO Olfa Hamdi. Concord® graduates also get free access to quarterly webinars delivered by capital project leaders and experts, on emerging topics and best practices in construction-driven capital projects.

Global Recognition

Concord® Academy’s Advanced Work Packaging Fundamentals Certification is the most widely recognized certification of its kind. Global Owner organizations know that Concord® graduates have a strong foundation in AWP and become valuable members of construction-driven capital project teams. We offer the world’s first and only ISO 9001 certified program of its kind, giving our program a global quality guarantee. Only graduates of Concord® Academy can call themselves Concord® Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professionals.®

Take The Next Step

This is your opportunity to become a leader in the movement to adopt Advanced Work Packaging at capital project organizations around the world. If you’re ready to invest in your future, book a call with our team today!

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