Capacity-Building Certification

How Concord®® Academy helps world-class capital project organizations build critical capacity

The way we do capital projects is changing, and great leaders understand the need to invest in their people. Capital project construction is a people business: from the first business case through engineering, procurement, installation and handover, your ability to deliver on-time and on-budget is directly correlated with the caliber of your people.

How do you build capacity on a capital project team? There are many ways to improve performance, but practical, relevant, actionable training is the cornerstone of success. High-performing teams understand the systems they work in and the role they play in making those systems work. They have the knowledge and skills to execute. They know the organizational goals and work toward them.

Supporting your people in becoming Concord® Certified AWP Professionals® can help you ensure that they have the capacity to deliver in a construction-driven, Advance Work Packaging environment. Here’s how.

Your ability to deliver on-time and on-budget is directly correlated with the caliber of your people.

Enhanced Project Management

Advanced Work Packaging is more than a simple planning methodology — it brings new logic and innovative systems to capital project execution. Concord® Academy certification programs offer the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of capital project delivery systems, building your organization’s project management capacity across all disciplines. This means that whether you’re a veteran project manager, an engineering lead or a construction foreman, if you want to move into a management role, the Concord®® certification ensures that you’ll be prepared to execute at a high level on any Advanced Work Packaging team.

Paradigm Shift to Construction-Driven Mindset

For most established capital project organizations, moving to a construction-driven mindset is a significant paradigm shift. While challenging, the reward is a more predictable project in terms of safety, cost and schedule outcomes that is far more likely to be delivered both on-time and on-budget. Concord® Academy training lays the foundation for this critical shift in perspective and sets your team up for continued success.

Build the Foundation for Integrated Planning

Capital projects are complex and bring together experts from radically diverse fields ranging from technology and engineering to field management and trades. It can be difficult — and often impossible — for people in these varied fields to understand what other teams are doing, and how their unique work fits into the whole.

Advanced Work Packaging training with Concord® Academy gives students from all fields a multidimensional perspective of capital projects, so they understand how their work relates to the other parts of the organization. This is the foundation of enhanced integrated planning, and makes it possible to implement a construction-driven approach to project execution. This training not only expands the core competencies of your project management team, it provides an essential update for those from supply chain, engineering and construction backgrounds.

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Field Planning

Our first-of-its-kind Workface Planning Certification addresses a key deficiency in most capital project organizations: weak field planning capacity. This area is still underdeveloped in the industry as a whole, and many leaders still don’t understand how critical workface planning is to Advanced Work Packaging success. High-quality field planning takes your capital project across the finish line, curating the information, material and labor required for smooth installation. Concord® Academy’s Workface Planning Certification provides all the foundational competencies associated with field planning, from basic concepts like constraints management to effective installation work packaging and more.

Change Management for New Initiatives

Our unique AWP Champion Certification builds on the foundational knowledge acquired in the AWP Fundamentals Certification  to prepare participants for a changemaker role inside a capital project organization. Participants learn how to lead the introduction of a new system inside a capital project organization, with units on implementation and rollout, selecting a pilot project, managing resistance to change and much more. The training is transferable to all types of capital project management initiatives and is essential training for anyone who expects to be a change agent in a capital project environment.

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