What Is An Enterprise Predictability Package™?

Discover how to develop a roadmap to sustainable, effective, predictable change in global capital project organizations

An Enterprise Predictability Package™ (EPP) provides a roadmap to sustainable, effective, predictable change. It is a suite of services and tools designed to help international capital project organizations deliver multiple projects predictably, on-time, and on-budget. It includes a bespoke combination of supports tailored to the unique needs of complex global capital project organizations. An Enterprise Predictability Package® can be adopted by a capital project organization working in any sector, from petrochemical and sustainable energy to health care and urban development.

Concord® developed the Enterprise Predictability Package™ for organizations that have multiple capital projects underway at any given time, including governments, major health organizations, and energy companies, among others. Why? Because the success of a capital project is dictated in large measure by the enterprise context. Are the executives at head office knowledgeable about capital project management and evolving best practices? Do other departments understand and respect the challenges inherent in executing multi-million dollar construction projects? Does the culture at the organization support success? 


When And Why Should You Consider An EPP™?

Any international capital project organization can benefit from an Enterprise Predictability Package, but there are certain points in an organization’s life that it makes particularly good sense. 

You’re Growing

A company that is growing needs an EPP™, as growth can bring a great deal of disruption and risk. Keeping the focus on predictability at the highest level of the organization can help mitigate growth pains and set the stage for long-term success. 

You’re Struggling

Established organizations that are struggling with project predictability are great candidates for an EPP™, as are organizations that have not updated their project manuals since the 1990s. The industry has changed dramatically in the past two decades, and cutting-edge tools and practices can almost always improve predictability

You’re Experiencing High-Level Turnover

High-level leadership turnover is also an excellent opportunity to conduct and EPP™, as it will highlight for new leaders the risks of current processes and protocols, so they can better understand the risks and gaps in company systems. 

A Roadmap To Sustainable, Effective, Predictable Change

Through the EPP™, Concord® provides a roadmap to sustainable, effective, predictable change. While you’re focused on running and growing the business, we provide the insight and guidance you need, highlight the areas of risk, explain the scenarios, and provide you with options for the way forward. We bridge the gap between the business and the projects, so it becomes a point of competitive strength for your organization, instead of a weakness. 

Fundamentally, we help your organization embrace a paradigm shift from efficiency to predictability. Tools are great, but they can only take you so far. For decades, we have focused on tools — here’s a best practice, here is a spreadsheet, here is a piece of software. But just as the sum of pilot projects does not equal a transformation, the sum of tools does not equal predictable results. What organizations need is a total change in attitude, a paradigm shift to predictability, and that starts at the top. 

To achieve predictability across multiple capital projects, organizations must take a close look at the enterprise-level approach to capital projects. An Enterprise Predictability Package™ helps leaders lay the foundation for predictable capital projects in three key ways:

1 | Get A Bird’s Eye View

A comprehensive Enterprise Predictability Package™ helps global leaders gain a bird’s eye view of how the entire organization is moving toward — or away from — predictable project delivery. A fact-based, reliable, high-level perspective is critical to long-term success — indeed, it is the only way that leaders can begin to impact the organization at a global level, as opposed to a local level. 

2 | Provide The Leadership and Support That Individual Projects Need

It is important to remember that in an enterprise context, individual project leaders will find it difficult — if not impossible — to achieve improved predictability without support from the head office. They’re enmeshed in systems that are well outside their sphere of influence, and they cannot change how accounting, human resources, procurement and IT do business. In the absence of enterprise-level intervention, most will continue to operate under business as usual. 

3 |  Set The Stage For Sustainable Growth

In addition to applying the EPP to established global organizations, we’ve also used it to support EPC and Owner companies that are growing or changing rapidly. As these organizations onboard new clients, start new projects and hire more employees, they need increased shared resources and strategies. They need business and management systems that support sustainable, predictable project delivery, and an EPP™ helps get them in place. 

Enterprise Predictability Packages™ involve a substantive organizational transformation, lasting a minimum of two years, and usually more. Unlike the Project Predictability Package™, the EPP does not get into the specifics on individual projects and we don’t work directly with the leadership teams on individual projects. Instead, EPPs™ are organized in well-defined missions that support a solid strategy for the entire organization. We work with your organization’s continuous improvement team, C-suite, and AWP champion, among others. 

Two of our early missions are the “maturity assessment” and the “gap assessment,” which we’ve written about in previous articles in Velocity®. Together, these two missions help leaders develop a comprehensive, unrivaled understanding of both the strengths and weaknesses in their organizations, in terms of predictable project delivery. This is a good start to the process of building a strong foundation for all projects, across the entire organization — and it’s just the beginning.

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* The Enterprise Predictability Package (EPP)™  is a trademarked offering from Concord® Project Technologies.

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