Implement AWP in Your Project in Less Than Two Weeks

The Concord AWP Launchpad™ provides a simple, effective protocol for launching your first construction-driven project in just two weeks. Let’s talk!

If you are starting a new capital project and you need to implement Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), the Concord AWP Launchpad™ can get you up and running in just two weeks. This upgraded, step-by-step approach prepares both your systems and your people for success, giving you a strong foundation for on-time, on-budget project delivery. Let’s get started!

AWP Launchpad™ Component 1:
Accelerate your Project Team AWP Comptency

The Concord AWP Launchpad™ is designed to get Advanced Work Packaging in place fast, and for that to happen it’s absolutely essential that everyone understands how AWP works. Everyone. That means your entire org chart is required to enroll in and complete a project oriented AWP Training Program, including leadership.

This course takes roughly 12 hours to complete, and everyone receives the Concord Certified Advanced Work Packaging Professional® designation, recognized globally as the gold standard in foundational AWP education.

As Concord alumni, everyone in your company automatically joins the Concord Global AWP Community, which provides two years of unlimited access to exclusive live coaching and Q&A sessions, our online learning archive, free templates and much more.

Since this program is self-paced, your entire team can get a boost in AWP knowledge and comptency within the first week of your project. The program also guaratees seats for future project team additions, ensuring the stability of knowledge and competency in case of turnover or new hires.

AWP Launchpad™ Component 2:
Empower your AWP Champion to lead the AWP implementation

You’ll also need to select a team member to become your AWP Champion™. This is the person who will steer the comprehensive, systemic change that AWP brings to an organization; a leader dedicated entirely to supporting the transition to construction-driven project execution.

At Concord, we have prepared the certification material and the how-to knowledge library to support these individuals. At part of the AWP Launchpad™, these individuals receive live coaching about the coming pitfalls and lessons learned, and will be equipped with the templates and tools to configure for the project, all provided by Concord AWP Launchpad.

These individuals will complete the additional AWP Champion™ Certification, which provides the knowledge and skills required to support people in adapting to new roles and requirements, as well as serving as a resource and fostering a spirit of collaboration.

AWP Launchpad™ Component 3:
Host Your AWP Kick-Off Meeting

We will give you everything you need to kick-off the Advanced Work Packaging implementation process in your organization. Our detailed Kick-Off Meeting Agenda will give you a framework to use for your first meeting, ensuring that you touch on all the most important areas and secure critical alignment around key issues.

We also provide you with detailed Work Process and RACI Templates that outline step-by-step the processes that you’ll follow to develop your first milestone, divide work rolls, and much more. These essential templates will support you in developing a high-quality, reliable Path of Construction that contains all the information you need to deliver your project predictably: on-time, and on-budget.

We will coach your team throughout this process and support this meeting as external facilitators. This could happen in person or virtually, whichever the choice you go with, we have your back!

AWP Launchpad™ Component 4
Call & Conduct the Path of Construction (POC) Meeting

We will facilitate this critical meeting for you, and you will emerge with a high-level blueprint outlining how you will deliver your first construction-driven project: Your Path of Construction.

In this critical meeting we will follow our long-established principles for building a solid PoC: Commitment, Preparation, Collaboration and Communication.

Let’s talk about your project

If you’re ready to get started with AWP, we can get you up and running in two weeks. The Concord AWP Launchpad™ is designed to empower you and your team so you steer clear of pitfalls and stay on track. Schedule a call today!

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