The Power of a Professional Community

How connecting with global AWP colleagues can help you learn faster, execute better and succeed in your career

Many of the world’s Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) professionals work alone, or in tiny groups of just two or three. As experience and expertise increase, the more likely it is that an AWP practitioner is the only one in their organization with the knowledge and skills to address critical challenges on a construction-driven project. Everybody turns to them for solutions and guidance, but they have nobody to turn to themselves. Sound familiar?

That’s why we’ve created the Global AWP Community. This unique online community is a gathering place for Concord Academy students and alumni, designed to connect you with other skilled AWP practitioners who are Concord certified around the world. It’s also a hub for education and resources you can’t get anywhere else. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside.

Complimentary Live AWP Coaching

Every month, Concord CEO Olfa Hamdi, a co-inventor of AWP and leading capital project delivery expert, hosts a one-hour online coaching session for members of the Global AWP Community. A world-class consultant to major companies including Air Products, Shell, Exxon and Rio Tinto, she shares emerging strategic insights and then opens the floor to questions from attendees. Bring your own challenges to the group, or listen in and learn from your colleagues. The coaching sessions are recorded, cataloged and available on-demand, so you can get answers when you need them.

Expert-Led Training PDU Webinars

We host the world’s leading experts on Advanced Work Packaging on exclusive webinars designed to keep you up-to-date on best practices in the sector. Join us for insights and education you can’t get anywhere else, on topics ranging from strategy and technology to implementation and troubleshooting. These webinars are open to all, but they’re only complimentary for members of the Global AWP Community! Plus: They’re recorded and archived and available on-demand to members of our community, too.

Connect Directly With Colleagues and Peers

Log on to ask questions, and get answers from Concord Academy alumni working on construction-driven projects around the world! Use this fantastic community feature to ask for resource recommendations or professional insights, to solicit feedback or get general advice. It’s the only place on the internet where everyone has a working knowledge of AWP and many are actively implementing AWP on projects of all kinds.

Access Exclusive Job Listings

Members of the Global AWP Community get exclusive access to job listings from global companies looking for professionals trained in Advanced Work Packaging and predictability thinking. Use our job board to discover and apply for your next position — it’s time to level-up!

Templates, Guides and Learning Resources

Concord Academy alumni who join the community can access a trove of professional resources at no cost. This includes exclusive AWP and Predictability Thinking® templates that you can download and use immediately, access to the complete back cataloge of Velocity articles and issues, as well as the full Concord Academy archive including your course materials, expert webinars and coaching calls. All for free.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) for Recertification

The Global AWP Community is where you’ll get access to the resources required to maintain your Concord Advanced Work Packaging Professional® certification. The recertification requirements vary depending on your certification (see here for details) but in general, you’ll need at least six PDUs to recertify — and you can get them all online right here in the community.

How to Join the Community

The good news is that if you’re a Concord Academy student or alumni, you’re automatically enrolled in the community and you can access it through the very same portal you used to take your courses — we’ll post a tutorial soon. As long as you maintain your certification, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of community membership. Those who have not enrolled in the community can access recordings of our expert webinars on-demand through Concord Academy. We have something for everyone!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to join a new community devoted to connection, education and support. Together we can build on the excellent work we’ve done so far to make Advanced Work Packaging the gold standard for construction-driven capital project management. Log in today to see what we’ve got in store for you, or if you’re ready to get started with your certification, contact us today!

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