Empower Your Team With Advanced Work Packaging Training

How to leverage a Concord® Academy subscription to invest in your people, build capacity, and lay the groundwork for business transformation

A well-trained team with the right mindset is key to the success of Advanced Work Packaging implementation in a modern capital project environment. Concord® is in the business of empowering teams through training, coaching, and support, and our goal is to ensure that each person in your organization has the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to deliver results.

To this end, the Concord® Academy offers robust annual subscriptions that provide unlimited, company-wide access to Concord® Academy’s resources. This includes self-paced online training programs, certification options, and a growing library of resources to support AWP implementation in your organization — everything you need to succeed.

Why Choose a Training Subscription?

While common in other industries, subscription-based training is new to the capital projects sector. There are many reasons why a subscription model makes good sense for internal training, here are just a few.

1 | Reduced administration and related expenses

Researching, selecting and purchasing unique training options for every individual and team can place a significant administrative burden on your human resources and executive teams. A Concord® Academy subscription eliminates much of this work, providing flexible, targeted training opportunities for your entire team, all in one place.

2 | Structure and consistency

Our online training programs are designed by experienced capital project experts and educators to deliver consistent, reliable training results. Each program is carefully structured, laying a solid foundation for understanding and building on it, step by step. Whether you’re interested in getting your whole team up-to-speed with AWP Fundamentals or have identified a select group to train as AWP Champions, every person receives the same training, delivered the same way. This results in the development of a consistent body of knowledge across your organization.

A well-trained team with the right mindset is key to the success of Advanced Work Packaging implementation in a modern capital project environment.

3  |  Full-service training and oversight

The Concord® Academy team oversees everything from enrollment and prerequisites to quarterly reports and certification. Our dashboard provides real-time, on-demand insights into your team’s progress, so your executive and human resources teams can make informed decisions about next steps.

4 | Flexible, self-paced, online training from anywhere

Companies appreciate Concord® Academy for all the reasons listed above, and employees love it because it is flexible, self-paced and online. Your team members can fit training modules into their work day when it is most convenient — no more full days lost to in-person training. The self-paced nature of the program allows employees to work at their own speed and to review challenging sections as needed, yielding better training outcomes across the board. Finally, the Concord® library offers access to an unrivaled collection of learning resources, accessible to your team at anytime.

5 | Proven, ISO 9001:2015 Certified Training

Concord® is the world’s first and only ISO 9001 certified provider of Advanced Work Packaging conformance certification and consulting programs. This means that our quality management processes have been audited and verified by a third-party organization, and you can rest assured that your team is getting high-quality, proven training in construction-driven capital project execution. 

The cost of a Concord® Academy subscription is based on the number of employees in your organization, among other factors. If you’re a capital project leader interested in building capacity in your organization through world-class training, contact us today!

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