Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ Program: A Call to Global Partners

Concord Certified AWP Trainer Program

Invest in yourself and your business by becoming a Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ through our Train-The-Trainer program

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve welcomed the first cohort of students into the Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ program — our very own Train-The-Trainers (TTT) program — and we are now opening applications for new partners! This one-of-a-kind program provides experienced capital project professionals with the knowledge and skills required to teach others and expand their business and network using Concord’s world-class training program.

The launch of this program is the culmination of nearly a decade of work: we standardized Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) protocols, developed and delivered a core curriculum, certified thousands of professionals and validated the high quality of our programs by becoming the world’s first and only ISO 9001-certified provider of AWP conformance certification and consulting programs.

Our mission has always been to educate and empower capital project professionals so they can deliver their work on time and on budget, and the launch of the Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ program will help us achieve that mission. Let’s jump into the details!

What is the Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ Program?

The Concord Academy provides a robust, standardized education in cutting-edge capital project management best practices, built on a proven foundation of Advanced Work Packaging and Predictability Thinking.™ Our programs are delivered both in-person and online, and are designed to empower individual practitioners and capital project organizations with high-quality, accessible education and training. We offer the world’s first and only ISO 9001-certified AWP training program, and our programs are used by leading companies and educational institutions around the world.

Until now, these programs have been delivered exclusively by the in-house Concord team. The Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ changes that. Now, we are making it possible for anyone with the requisite experience to deliver world-class training using our proven approach. Our goal is to expand our reach and train 250,000 professionals globally by 2025.

Who is the Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ Program For?

Applicants must have at least seven years experience working on capital projects, and pass Concord’s pre-qualification process. For our upcoming cohorts, we are looking for:

  • Capital project consultants who work with companies on scheduling, planning, and capital project management;
  • Project management professionals who are tasked with training people inside an Owner / EPC company, or building an in-house training program;
  • Contractor employees who manage subcontractors and are regularly asked to train and coach people in AWP and Predictability Thinking™.

Graduates receive a license to deliver Concord® training, and third-party consultants who complete the program are enrolled in our partnership and revenue-sharing program. This program allows you to use the Concord® brand in your marketing material and provides financial compensation for delivering Concord™ training.

Concord PDS Maturity Assessment

Upgrade your project delivery system with a Concord® PDS Maturity Assessment™

Revitalize your PDS in just 6 weeks with a Concord® PDS Maturity Assessment™ and Best Practice Selection Protocol. Find out where you stand, leverage your intellectual capital and supercharge your PDS! 

What Will I Learn in the Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ Program?

This exclusive program gives you the knowledge and skills you need to successfully deliver Concord’s ISO 9001-Certified Advanced Work Packaging Fundamentals Certification program as well as the Workface Packaging Certification program. You’ll be licensed to use our proprietary training materials, and you’ll be able to proctor Concord Academy’s online exam.

Over 10 sessions, we’ll introduce you to the curriculum, cover classroom information and logistics, answer over 200 FAQs on AWP, and much more. Session topics include:

  • About Concord Academy & Trainer Expectations
  • What makes a great trainer
  • Understanding the AWP/WFP curriculum and course material use
  • FAQ by students
  • Classroom information and course logistics
  • Selling the Concord AWP Certification: Requirements
  • The AWP Exam
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Dry Runs (Practice Sessions)
  • Awards Ceremony


In addition to the Train-The-Trainer curriculum, participants get access to the AWP Fundamentals, Workface Planning and AWP Champion™ online training programs, offering an unparalleled opportunity to secure the full suite of Concord® certifications!

Concord Certified AWP Trainer™ Program Benefits Recap

In sum, here’s what you can expect from the Concord® Certified AWP Trainer™ Program:

  • Become a licensed Concord Certified AWP Trainer™
  • Get the knowledge and skills you need to deliver Concord® training
  • Unlimited use of Concord® training protocols, materials and exams without worrying about copyright or intellectual property infringement
  • Access to our regularly updated library of sector-specific research and insights
  • For consultants:
    • Enrollment in our partnership and revenue-sharing program
    • Use of the Concord® brand in your marketing material
    • Financial compensation for delivering Concord™ training
    • Affiliate code for online Concord Academy training, to earn even more.

Next Steps

I’m exceptionally proud of the work my team has done to create this one-of-a-kind opportunity for global capital project educators. I look forward to welcoming trainers into the upcoming cohorts, and watching as you bring this industry-leading training to capital project professionals around the world. 

If you’re a consultant or capital project professional interested in this fantastic opportunity, send us a note using the form below and we will get the pre-qualification process started.

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