5 Roadblocks To Transformational Change In Capital Projects
Capital Projects

5 Roadblocks To Transformational Change In Capital Projects

Our industry doesn’t understand change. We haven’t invested in understanding what it takes to make change happen, and we don’t even agree on what factors improve results and outcomes. In this article, Olfa Hamdi explores five key roadblocks to transformational change in capital projects, with the hope that, together, we can begin to dismantle them.

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cultivating capital project leaders
Capital Project Management

Cultivating Capital Project Leaders

Capital project management training has fallen through the cracks. The path to leadership remains woefully unclear, and that should worry us all. For if we’re not entirely clear on what it takes to become a capable capital project manager, is it really any wonder that most major capital projects are unpredictable, late and over budget?

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Predictability Mindset
Predictability Thinking™

Why Capital Project Executives Need A Predictability Mindset

The magic recipe for predictable project delivery includes a project sponsor who understands and champions Predictability Thinking™ at all levels. Sponsors can achieve this by collecting experience in all aspects of capital project delivery, or they can achieve it by making a conscious effort to study and understand it.

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Chaos In Capital Projects
Capital Project Predictability

Chaos In Capital Projects Is Bad For Business

For centuries, it seems that our industry has operated on the unspoken assumption that “in chaos lies profit.” It worked for a long time, when commodity prices were high and transparency minimal. But chaos won’t work anymore.

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Deep Work For Capital Project Engineers
Capital Project Leadership

Deep Work For Capital Project Engineers: The Productivity Solution

How do you make engineers more productive? The best answer we’ve found can be summed up in just two words: Deep Work. This groundbreaking concept, pioneered by professor and author Cal Newport, posits that high quality work is a function not just of time spent, but also level of focus. For capital projects, add competency as well. Get the formula »

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