Year in Review: How Concord® Grew in 2022

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Together we have created a powerful, global community of capital project changemakers working toward a more predictable, profitable and resilient capital projects industry. I am so proud of how far we’ve come, and I believe our sector is on the cusp of transformational change. Here at Concord®®, we remain committed to fostering and supporting that change!

I am so grateful for each and every one of our clients, partners, resellers, employees, consultants, and those who are following and supporting us. We look forward to another great year ahead!

Olfa Hamdi and the team at Concord®®

2022 At A Glance

Concord®® continued to grow in 2022, hitting significant organizational milestones and markedly expanding our reach. Check it out!

Concord® is ISO 9001 Certified

In January 2022, Concord®® became the world’s first and only ISO 9001 certified provider of AWP conformance certification, training, and consulting.

CEO Olfa Hamdi Published the Most Comprehensive AWP Book

Advanced Work Packaging: Guide for Life Cycle Implementation offers an actionable, easy-to-understand guide to AWP implementation.

Concord® AWP Blueprint™ for Executive Strategic Advisory

In February 2022, we launched The Concord® AWP Blueprint™ — a powerful, practical business tool that integrates all of your project improvement initiatives with AWP.

Concord® AWP Readiness Assessment™

Launched in January 2022, this new tool helps leaders assess the organizational environment to see if the company is ready for AWP. Three major Owner companies used it this year.

AWP Certifications in French

Concord® is committed to empowering capital project professionals around the world, and we’re pleased to announce that all Concord® Academy courses are now available in French.

Spearheading New AWP Applications

In 2022 we continued our efforts to bring Advanced Work Packaging to new sectors, including world-class mining operations.

Expanding to the Middle East

CEO Olfa Hamdi travelled extensively in the Middle East, bringing Advanced Work Packaging and Predictability Thinking™ to major capital project organizations. 

Concord® Academy Subscriptions

We now offer annual subscriptions that provide unlimited, company-wide access to Concord® Academy resources, including self-paced online training and certification programs.

Updated Mission and Vision

Concord®® implemented an ambitious new growth plan that will see the company train 25,000 professionals and impact $25B in global capital project investments by 2025.

Ongoing Thought Leadership

Online and in print, Velocity® continues to drive critical advancements and important discussions in capital project organizations around the world. Subscribe today!

Registered Trademarks

We are pleased to announce that Concord®®, Predictability Thinking®, TCON® and Concord® Academy Certified AWP Professional® have been Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement, we look forward to working with you in 2023 and beyond!

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