Editorial: Roadmap To A Predictable Future

What will it take to make site-based projects successful? How do we provide a strong return on investment? How can we deliver on-time? On-budget? The answer to all of these questions depends on your commitment to a single word: predictability. Read more »

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Capital Project Leadership

How To Lead A Modern Capital Project

It has become impossible to ignore the fact that construction-driven capital projects work best. It turns out that the people wearing steel-toed work boots and neon-striped dungarees — the people who are actually building the capital project — should be the boss of us all. Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

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CEO's Guide To Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

A CEO’s Guide To EPC Digital Transformation

The IT department should be fully integrated into the mission-critical work of a capital project organization. Technology leadership should be fully aware of each project’s bottom line and should — for lack of a better word — feel the pain of delivering that project on-time and on-budget.
Achieve this by setting KPIs that are directly related to technology.

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