cultivating capital project leaders
Capital Project Management

Cultivating Capital Project Leaders

Capital project management training has fallen through the cracks. The path to leadership remains woefully unclear, and that should worry us all. For if we’re not entirely clear on what it takes to become a capable capital project manager, is it really any wonder that most major capital projects are unpredictable, late and over budget?

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Predictability Mindset
Predictability Thinking®

Why Capital Project Executives Need A Predictability Mindset

The magic recipe for predictable project delivery includes a project sponsor who understands and champions Predictability Thinking™ at all levels. Sponsors can achieve this by collecting experience in all aspects of capital project delivery, or they can achieve it by making a conscious effort to study and understand it.

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Chaos In Capital Projects
Capital Project Predictability

Chaos In Capital Projects Is Bad For Business

For centuries, it seems that our industry has operated on the unspoken assumption that “in chaos lies profit.” It worked for a long time, when commodity prices were high and transparency minimal. But chaos won’t work anymore.

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Editorial: Roadmap To A Predictable Future

What will it take to make site-based projects successful? How do we provide a strong return on investment? How can we deliver on-time? On-budget? The answer to all of these questions depends on your commitment to a single word: predictability. Read more »

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Capital Project Leadership

How To Lead A Modern Capital Project

It has become impossible to ignore the fact that construction-driven capital projects work best. It turns out that the people wearing steel-toed work boots and neon-striped dungarees — the people who are actually building the capital project — should be the boss of us all. Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

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