Promoting AWP In Europe: A New Concord Partnership

Promoting, studying and implementing AWP in Europe: The Concord-Centrale Lille partnership has launched!

I am pleased to announce that we have officially launched Concord’s exciting new partnership with Centrale Lille in France. I visited the university this fall for a formal kick off, and work has now begun on our five-year collaboration to promote, study and implement Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) in European capital projects. 

The centrepiece of this partnership is a comprehensive benchmarking study of European capital project performance, followed by the introduction of AWP and Predictability Thinking™ for complex industrial and renewable projects. With the support of our leading academic partner, Zoubier Lafhaj, Concord will provide practical assistance in the implementation of AWP in several projects in France and we will embark on a co-certification of Concord Academy with Ecole Centrale de Lille.  

I was also pleased to provide a lecture about capital project performance, Predictability Thinking™ and AWP as part of a three-part series on the subjects of digital twin, sustainability and project predictability. I learned a great deal from my co-presenters, Remi Dornier of Dassault Systèmes and author and environmental policy expert Fabrice Bonnifet, of the Group Bouygues.

Olfa Hamdi
CEO, Concord Project Technologies

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