Capital Projects

Capital project leadership and day-to-day management is an emerging area of study and one of the most important topics we cover here at Velocity. In our Capital Projects Archive you’ll find articles aimed at helping leaders and managers get results, whether that means adopting new technology, revisiting the org chart, or shifting your operational paradigms.

Capital Project Management

Tips For Managing A Lean Team On A One-Off Capital Project

Not every capital project is undertaken by an experienced cadre of professionals working in an organization that was designed to execute challenging, multifaceted construction projects. Here’s a guide to capital project management for companies that will only every build one facility.

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Capital Project Leadership

How To Lead A Modern Capital Project

It has become impossible to ignore the fact that construction-driven capital projects work best. It turns out that the people wearing steel-toed work boots and neon-striped dungarees — the people who are actually building the capital project — should be the boss of us all. Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

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