Free Webinar: AWP and WFP in the Middle East and Beyond

Concord® CEO Olfa Hamdi and BlackSmithSoft VP Operations Chehade Kassouf explore the foundations of predictable capital projects in the Middle East and beyond

Join Olfa Hamdi and Che Kassouf for an expert overview of the unique challenges involved in implementing Advance Work Packaging and Workface Planning on capital projects in the Middle East. In just 60 minutes, they discuss the basics of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), Workface Planning (WFP) and survey the benefits of targeted training.

This webinar was recorded as part of the October 2020 announcement of the partnership between Concord® Project Technologies and BlackSmithSoft. For the first time, Middle Eastern capital project professionals will have access to world-class education and training bundled with BlackSmithSoft’s cutting-edge, cloud-based project management technology. 

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If you’re interested in learning more about Advanced Work Packaging, our free Concord® Fundamentals series provides a comprehensive introduction to the definitions, roles, systems and principles of AWP. You can also watch Olfa’s webinar on AWP Fundamentals for free, by clicking here

Concord® Project Technologies is deeply committed to education as the cornerstone of capital projects industry transformation. Our weekly blog posts and quarterly magazine, Velocity®, is designed to showcase the latest thinking in capital project management. For those just beginning their journey to adopting Predictability Thinking™ and Advanced Work Packaging, we’ve put together a series of articles called Concord® Fundamentals. You can read these here on our website, below, or download a copy of Velocity® Issue 8, The Fundamentals Edition.

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